Time to Time

9:44 AM

Time. It will never stop. Never.
it can only give you bit if you're running
it'll give you less when you're rush
it can only ticking when you're lost

Just like life.
Life will never stop - unless you die offcourse
What we have is what we hold
I won't let go life just for nothing
Like I'm following time to give me something

How is it sound if it's love?
Love is what you will become
what you will struggle just to get settle
not settle then struggle I hope

How is it heart?
Heart gives you life.
Heart gives you love.
Heart gives you pleased in running your time.
Your time only.

My life is not that amusing.
Even my heart wondering what where who is my life.
I'm walking down the stairs just to get up now.
Seeking the light to guide now.
Like a man unfold his destiny.

There now,
What we have became in life today, is not just ours.
It has morebodyelse prints.
What I became, not just mine.
What you became, not just you.
So dear God, kindly clue me.
Tell me if the time.
....Now will do :)

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