October 02, 2008

Single Entry Visa

Fiuh, I finally got my single entry visa-which is only a sticker inside the passport as a permit for me to enter and stay in Malaysia for the next 3 month. This is the first stage for me, I guess the 2nd stage will take place in Malaysia.

It take two times for me to go to malaysian embassy Jakarta, first is to buy and hand over the form for single entry visa, then 3 days later is to pay and take the docs which already finish.

Flight ticket is already at hand, other docs also done. Hopefully few days after Idul fitri I'll be in Malaysia already.

To me this is a big leap and a very big chance to see another part of the world, to widen my view about everything! works, networks, places, culture etc.

Well, may everything run smooth 'till my departure...


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Single Entry Visa
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